Design features-manual defrost freezer removable magnetic door seals – easy to clean additional features – 4 star freezer rating 4 freezer drawers right hinged door, reversible key features – fridge section-sliding hinge mechanical control dimensions: 87.4 cm H x 54.1 cm W x 54.2 cm D niche dimensions: 88 cm H x 56 cm W x 55 cm D functions – super freeze function with automatic deactivation freezer malfunction warning signal: optical and acoustical performance – annual energy consumption (per year). Total net capacity: 94 litres freezing capacity in 24 hours: 11 kg maximum freezer storage time in power failure: 25 hours noise level dB(A) re 1 pw: 36 climate class SN-ST (suitable for ambient temperatures between 10 to 38°C).